Address Overpopulation Or Gear Up For Increased Cyber Fraud, Expert Warns FG

Nigerian Security and Technology expert have reportedly warned the Nigerian federal government to urgently address the over rising population of the country or prepare for local and international cases of cyber fraud involving Nigerians. reports

Speaking on Nigerian’s overpopulation during an interview with PUNCH, the Chief Executive Officer, Enviroque Technologies Ltd, Mr Desmond Okeowo, lamented the growing rate of Nigerians being convicted of internet fraud abroad.

Okeowo stated that the rising spate of crimes perpetrated by Nigerians “boils down to the choices the people we call our leaders made for us.”

“If they get it right, the youths will go back to work and fraud will be less attractive. If they don’t get it right, they should gear up to continually see this kind of situation.

“The Federal Government should go on a campaign of reducing how we give birth to children. There are so many children now. People are just giving birth to kids without any birth control whatsoever. All these kids want to eat and clothes themselves. We are creating a serious calamity all over the world.

“To be a Nigerian now with a Nigerian passport, everybody treats you like a thief, especially if you are in a certain age group. So, the government should look into that.

“Invite auto manufacturers to assemble their cars here. The government should make sure people who have jobs can access jobs with N5,000, N20,000 or N50,000 a month. If things are affordable like this, then nobody will look for money to survive.

“As a nation, we are not creating that atmosphere to develop our young people. We graduate students every year, turn them out from school, but they don’t have jobs to do. That is why we have a high crime rate – kidnapping and 419.

“For most of them, when you ask, they tell you they don’t have a choice. It’s not an excuse, but as a nation, we need to do something about developing the economy. The way it is, we are not doing that. So, they go all in and say, ‘If I get caught, I get caught.’

“The little gain they have, they enjoy, knowing full well that they will get caught. But they don’t care because, for them, there is no other option,” he stated.

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