Feminism: Women Who Question Men’s Position In The Family Are Demonic – Faith Oyedepo

Faith Oyedepo, wife to senior pastor and founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), has reportedly stated that women who question their husbands are under evil demonic influences. ayokinews.com reports

Faith made this known days after her husband, Bishop David Oyedepo, slammed feminists stating that feminism leads to frustration and total devastation. He made it known that women who engaged in feminism might never have a good and peaceful home.

Oyedepo noted that the bible clearly highlighted that women should submit themselves to their husbands and in response, the women replied saying, “No, not today, that was before. Right now, nobody can do that. We are co-heirs, male and female, no difference.”

In response to the women’s reply, Bishop Oyedepo stated that feminists think they’re too smart to follow Gods direction but they aren’t.

“Right now, there is a feminine revolution. Then you get into feminine frustration and destiny devastation,” Oyedepo added.

In response to the cleric preaching, the feminist group responded stating that the Bishop needed to be asked if feminism was the cause of his pastors unproductivity or the inflation in the country.

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“We need to ask the eminent cleric, did feminists and the coalition cause the unproductivity of his pastors, or the insecurity and high inflation that has enveloped the nation?,” the feminist coalition said.

David Oyedepo’s stand was however backed by his wife, Faith Oyedepo, who stated that women should totally submit to their husbands as commanded by God Almighty and that any woman who refuses is under demonic influence.

In a post written on her facebook handle, she said, “Any woman or women’s organization that attempts to question the position of the man in the family should be regarded as being under a demonic influence.

“God expects that just as the Church is subject to Christ in everything, even so, women should be in subjection to their husbands in everything,” Faith Oyedepo said.



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