Fearful prophecies about Nigeria, music stars, actors, US, others emerge

The founder and senior pastor of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, Apostle Paul Okikijesu, has issued out prophetic warnings of impending dangers to Nigeria and other nations of the world. ayokinews.com reports

He stated these warnings in his new prophecy where he said that Nigerians should pray against financial slavery and also the loss of an ex-President of the country.

He also warned that Nigeria should pray against the death of a popular Nigerian Hip Hop star, gospel musician, Fuji and juju music artiste while also warning of impending loss of lives in the Nigeria Nollywood industry.

The prophesy also contains of warnings to the United States of America (USA) along with the various ambassadors/ representatives of countries in the United Nations (UN).

“Thus says the Lord: Nigerians need to pray seriously; so that the future generations of the country will not continue to pay endless loans.

He said, “The people at the foreign sector, the marketing sector, the oil and gas sector and the wealthy people in the nation should rise up to save Nigeria from financial slavery so that Nigeria will not be colonized for the second time. This will be worse than the first colonization.

“People should rise up and ‘all hands must be on deck’ so that the future of the upcoming generations will not be jeopardized. It is like the case of a legitimate child being relegated in his/her father’s house when the illegitimate child comes.

“Certain people will take the helm of the government of Nigeria in a manner that will make people not to have rights, concerning their lives.”

Speaking further, Prophet Okikijesu noted that the judgment of God would fall upon countries surrounding Nigeria as a result of the evil deeds towards the country.

“Thus says the Lord: People should pray for the former Presidents. It is important to pray for them.

“Satan is determined to take the life of a famous gospel musician. This event will shake the country and make people to tremble.

“A young and popular musician among the Hip-hop musicians will pass away. Certain people are conspiring to kill this particular musician, and they will use a female to achieve this feat.

“This particular man is very prominent, and certain people are bent on eliminating him. Some people said he is very proud, while others level accusations against him.

“Two people among the Fuji musicians, and one person among the Juju musicians will pass away; if people do not pray seriously for them.

People should pray fervently for both the Yoruba and English movie actors and actresses. They should pray against the death of the great brave people among them.

“Satan is plotting to cause events that will make them to bow their heads in sorrow. Satan is planning for three women and a man among the Yoruba movie actors and actresses.

“Satan is also plotting to take the lives of two women and three men among the English movie actors and actresses.”

Prophesying on the United States of America, he said, “Thus says the Lord; Inform President Biden that, thus says the Lord God of hosts: I send these messages in full; because I do not want sudden/ambush attack to happen in America; in a manner that will ruin his administration.

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“Though, the President is acting according to My instructions; however, he still needs to add to his wisdom and understanding. The powerful hand of I the Lord will pass through America without any delay.”

Further speaking on the UN ambassadors, the cleric stated that “All the people in the United Nations both male and female; that are representing their Nations, who are conspiring against their countries will be punished. The hand of my severe judgment will come upon them from August until November 2021.

“These conspirators will be punished. Because they condone wastage of human lives, and I the Lord is not pleased with all the bloodshed that is happening in countries around the globe.

“The eye of I the Lord is bitter towards bloodshed, and other nefarious activities around the world. I the Lord send these messages to the United Nations; to be filled with wisdom, and understanding, and prayer.

“Most especially all the ambassadors who are representing their various countries; they should ask for wisdom and knowledge from I the Lord; It is important for them to ask during this period.”


Source: Daily Post

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