If we’re not careful, we’ll be chased out of Abuja one day – Rotimi Amaechi

The Nigerian Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has accused the Nigerian political elites of mismanaging the country’s resources, saying the deprived Nigerians would one day chase them out of Abuja. ayokinews.com reports

Amaechi stated that most Nigerian elites can no longer reside in their hometowns but relocated to Abuja (FCT) as a result of their personal safety.

He said that the Nigerian government should not see the various calls for secession as a threat but rather see the social, economic deprivation and injustice as a big threat to its existence.

Amaechi noted that every part/region of the country is being affected by the economic deprivation and injustice while stating that the problem had started long before President Muhammadu Buhari took power.

He further praised the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari for doing a great job in solving the raging problems affecting the country.

He said, “In the past, when I was the speaker and later, governor, I said we would wake up one day and the young boys we deprived would chase us out of town. How many big men are still living in their states? They have all run away. Everybody is here in Abuja is protected because the president is here. One day, the boys will be courageous and we will be on the run.

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“People are saying that secession is the problem, but it is not. There are two reasons for secession — economic deprivation and injustice. Did the injustice start from this government? I was there, so we need to address it.

“The North has people who are deprived, just as the South is also deprived, as well as the westerners and easterners.

Amaechi further warned those attempting to push the country into insurrection to be careful “because the day the poor people of these regions come together as a people, all of us will run.”

“They can try as much as possible to divide the country, but the day the poor men come together, we will run,” he said.



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