How To Use Bitter Kola To Treat Eye Defects

Is it possible to use bitter kola to treat your eyes? How might bitter kola be used to alleviate vision problems or defects? Is bitter kola beneficial to people with vision problems? What happens if you soak bitter kola in water for a while? What is the best way to utilize bitter kola for eye problems? How can you treat glaucoma with bitter kola? And how can bitter kola be used to treat eye issues? All of your answers will be given to you here.


1. Get a small container with a lid, or, to put it another way, get an EYE DROP bottle that has been used previously (wash inside to clean every liquid in it).

2. Finally, bring some water to a boil (half cup of water is OK).

3. Allow the water to cool down before proceeding (the water is boiled so as to kill every bacteria in it). It is important to notice that the water must be brought to a boil.

4. Fill your empty eye drop bottle halfway with the cooled water.

5. Next, cut 3 pieces of BITTER COLA and gently drop them into the same bottle as the boiled-cooled water.

6. Keep it covered and store at room temperature for three-days without touching it.

7. On the third day, give it a good and thorough shake and use it as an EYE DROP.

* It should be used 2 or 3 times daily.

NOTE: Your eye may turn red and itch a little on the first day; do not be alarmed; it is only clearing all the dirt from your eyes. After some few days, you won’t be witnessing it again.

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* Avoid touching the eye drop’s tip with your hands so as to avoid contaminating the vial with bacteria.

* Always ensure your drop tip is always clean and secure.


1. Use it for 30-60 days if you have GLAUCOMA and it will go away.

2. If you have MYOPIA, utilize it for 21-30 days and you will see a significant difference.

* Within 21-90 days, any eye-related ailment that has required you to wear glasses will be resolved.

NOTE: On the 21st day after using your BITTER COLA drop, it must be replaced. I’m referring to you renewing your remedy once more.

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